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ABI – The Birth!

As some of you may know, back in January I found myself on notice from my shiny new job.  Sometimes life changes direction really quickly!  But I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and for a while now I have had a desire to focus on the things that I feel I can specialise in and add value to others.  After 23 years working in large Insurers at such a high and specialised level & running my own small businesses locally, I have learnt way too much to just walk away to the seaside! (although tempting).

After a lot of brainstorming walks and coffees (and wine) I finally have a business.  I am sure that will develop organically as the business grows – as every good business should, and as I work out what fits each Client separately.  Because that is going to be the focus – Individually tailored programs to give you what you need.  One size never fits all.

So what is it I hear you ask? Tourist advice for Whitstable?  Yes, I am slowly becoming an expert in where I live I am not quite at the peak yet, so its back to my first love – Insurance and Business.  Named ABI Consultancy Ltd, registered, Insured and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

The aim is to use my skills from the last few decades for Businesses, Insurers and the people in it.  I do believe there is a cross over there – obviously some are specialised areas and I can fill those gaps for teams, but some of the best lessons I have learned are more in planning, strategies, trouble shooting and training.  

I love a problem. No problem is too big and everything can be solved.  I love a puzzle (not Sudoko though, absolutely rubbish at that) – I’m a tenacious little thing at times and I will find a solution – always.

Another one of my real passions is to train and mentor people, spending the time with them sometimes managers do not have, to nurture their knowledge and give them the confidence to be leaders if they wish, or to be the best at whatever their goal is – no matter what that is. Always be your best self!  

Why would people need me?  So what if I can do all this?  

All Companies are battling costs – headcount is almost impossible to get.  The work doesn’t go away, Managements don’t stop setting deadlines and targets, teams are dumbed down to save costs and we see people leave and retire off early as the Business world starts to become more automated and less skilled – but more importantly they leave because they feel they can’t succeed.  

 People need support, they need training and someone to mentor and guide – no matter if you are a large Corporate or a 1 person small business.  Most people have to learn on the job and when the heat gets turned up sometimes they can get lost in it all.  That leads to stress, anxiety, lack of confidence and brain fog.  You can’t see the wood for the trees, and you just end up not being your best person for your Company.  Don’t let that happen to your staff or yourself.  We all need people to lean on professionally, no one is perfect at all aspects of their jobs and its important to recognise that and ask for help.  A problem shared really is a problem solved.

From larger projects and plans, to the jobs that are seen to be the more mundane ones – all are important and need doing.  Need a plan writing?  Backlogs to clear?  Staff to motivate?  Need a bill paying?  Need a trip booked?  Need a system organising? ABI is happy to take on anything to help GET IT DONE.  

Why? I’m more than happy to do those in order to help people meet their targets – both personally and professionally. The lesser tasks lead to the bigger ones, so start from the bottom and see where you end up. You might suprise yourself!

Happy Staff and a clear plan and process leads to happy customers.  Happy Customers equals more business.  More Business equals more profits and rewards.  And lets face it, thats what we are all trying to achieve – whatever level we are at.

So lets get a meeting booked in – face to face, video, FaceTime, calls or email – all options are there.  Whatever works best.  Lets just GET IT DONE.

Al xx

August Al’s Adventures….

Hey! How are you all?! Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote, but things have been crazy!

You may remember from Aprils Al’s Adventures that I had started a new full time job, started a Cafe venture, Toast Herne Bay, and the Holiday let was finally ready to launch! Well, that’s why I’ve not had a moment to think clearly let alone write. But for the first time in 4 months, I have a few hours of no paperwork, cleaning, shopping or chores to do. Well, not for a few hours at least!

So where to begin? Let’s start with the new job.

As you know I was thoroughly fed up of Insurance. It’s going through quite a rough patch and it will only get worse for a few more months yet. I’m starting to see friends leave – either being made redundant, or just walking away. Some of those I’ve known 20 years, it’s not easy to watch. Times are changing – some bits for the better, some not. However despite that I have found an amazing role where I’ve learnt more in the last 4 months than I have in the last 4 years. It’s totally outside of my comfort zone, but surrounded by some of the best in the business it’s such fun. Everyday is a school day for sure! It’s great to flip things on their head and see life upside down sometimes – exactly what this role has given me. Next. Level. Business.

Next – Al’s Beach retreat. It’s finally finished and guest are staying! Thanks to my friends who stayed when there wasn’t any curtains or internet – deffo a discount next time! It’s going well, I have had some wonderful reviews already from guests far and wide, that’s the wonder of travel I guess – I’ve had guests from Bogata, Belgium, Germany & France – all in my first two months! Everyone has been so kind. It’s a wonderful experience to bring such a project together, and see the results. To me it’s like having a baby, it took 9 months to create! As you can see from Instagram (alsbeachretreat) it’s changed a bit. With new windows, electrics, heating, and walls removed – it certainly wasn’t easy. Thanks to all the tradesmen who helped – and tolerated the snow, cold & my stubbornness! Life hack – make sure all workmen have enough tea, coffee & biccies. Your welcome.

Next stage is to build a website (no idea) and get it advertised. It’s on fb and Instagram as Als Beach Retreat and Air B&B here:

Woop woop!

Last, but certainly not least Toast Cafe. The new and second baby of the family. Slowly growing up, making friends and discovering new things everyday. I couldn’t have begun to understand the sheer learning cliff. From setting up a Company, to writing staff contracts, payroll, tax and VAT returns, to rotas, design, promotion and events – in 4 months we have done it all. Sleepless nights, tears and joy – I’ve never experienced anything so rewarding. I don’t have any children of my own (lots of godchildren and friends gorgeous ones to spoil) but I now habe 2 baby businesses!

I absolutely adore this business and all the people in it. From the moment my biz partner Sherry & I were introduced I knew we would work well together. We couldn’t have begun to imagine what we have achieved but we have had such a lot of fun doing this and we could not be prouder. In a short 4 months we have Team Toast, and our passion has spilled into all of them, leading to PROFIT already, 3 months ahead of plan.

So I need to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us, helped is build this, visited us or liked any of our social media. You all lead to us succeeding. Every single one of you – THANKS.

Hopefully now some of you will understand why I may have not been in touch, or been a little silent. In between bulding Al’s Adventures Ltd I’m trying to stay healthy, sane & loving my seaside life when I can. Everyone here has been so bloody lovely I couldn’t feel more loved across all my amazing friends – wherever you are. The best news for me is not a single panic attack this year. Maybe some anxious moments, but no days lost to panic or anxiety. That is huge. So yay me!

I am amazed at what has happened this year and I truly am thankful. They say things happen for a reason – my 2 angels are working their magic at last. Truly blessed for once. To be honest it’s about time!

Right – enough from me for today. I’ve got a plan to write…

Lots of love

Al xxx