Mothers Day….

Mothers day. The most beautiful day of the year and also the hardest.

For me it’s the worst day of the year. Worse than birthdays. Because it’s everywhere. Every shop you enter is a constant reminder and a kick in the stomach.

But let me be clear. It absolutely should be the most important day of the year and you should spoil your Mums rotten – in whatever form they take.

I lost my Mum 8 long years ago. So for me it’s an awful day. All I can see my beautiful Mum, asking if I’m ok and what I had for tea. Perfection. My

Right arm.

So all I ask – spoil your Mums. Please do. But,also allow us who’s Mums aren’t here to have a day of remembrance.

I’ve spent 7 years battling what to do. My advice? Just do what makes you happy.Smile, dance, relax, Cuddle, eat, chill. Or Cry. Scream. Whatever relieves the pressure.

Your the Important one now.As you always were to your Mum.

So take it slow. Relax. Reminisce. And see you soon to chat Mums

Al xxx