Why: I’m a Believer

Love this. Everyone get behind this! Fully behind you and will look to join you


Not sure if you’ve noticed but all of my blog post titles so far have been songs. Well here are two (thanks Annie Lennox & the Monkeys) to explain the reason I hit the juicy path, the inspiration behind Juice on Wheels and what will keep me going through those 10 marathons.

In 2014 I had the worst birthday ever. My mum was taken ill and into Kent & Canterbury hospital. Over the next month, her health improved and deteriorated in equal measures and after spending our family Christmas in hospital, we were relieved to bring her home. New Year’s Eve mum was seen at home but was so desperate not to go back in, we begged for her to stay home and had Oxygen fitted in the house that day. That night, as midnight struck I sat with mum reflecting on everything that had happened, grateful that she was…

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