Location, Location, Location (wish Phil was my partner…)

Hi there strangers! My apologies for not blogging sooner, its been a whirlwind 6 weeks of stress, fun & excitement….

Since we last chatted I have started my new role at work & it’s bloomin marvellous! I’m still getting used to it all, and it will be a tough old year in this economy, but I have the best team in the business around to look after me in good times & my moments of madness! From cups of tea, sushi lunches & general banter, they are all amazing. So thanks guys, I couldn’t do it without you! 

I have also in the last month become the very proud owner of a new beautiful house in Whitstable. I got the keys 4 weeks ago, so the decorating is now nearly all done. (No, don’t worry I’m not a DIY bod, leave that to the experts). Had the usual Al blonde moment when I was too busy chatting whilst clearing old wooden flooring & managed to drive a rusty nail into my hand, which of course snapped off – must pay attention when carrying stuff. At least I found out where The Minor injuries unit is-right around the corner from the house! All ok now, little X Ray needed to check for foreign bodies (no rude comments please). 

Of course, me being the fussy madam I am, has now decided to replace the bathroom, so I will move in the second week of March. The house has room for all you lovely lot to come and visit, and is a 4 minute walk from the beach! With lovely restuarants, cafes & shops my house is in Tankerton, a 20 minute seaside walk to Whitstable town centre, where we have a selection rich in pubs, restaurants & oyster sheds – perfect for a few days escape- or every given opportunity in my case! Yay!

So at the moment I am driving down with a car load of stuff, with my music blaring out excited to get to the seaside- even at 5am! There is something so relaxing for me when I get off the M25 and am heading onto the M2. Well, also the driving changes too-it’s less aggressive, slower, enjoyable-bit like the area! I’m biased as I grew up in Kent so maybe its the familiarity of the place that chillax’s me. I’m coming home I guess, & it feels so good to be back. 

To make life even easier for myself I have finally found a flat a mere 15 minute walk from work, which will change my life completely. The job keeps me in the office till at least 7 most nights, & later if socialising or seeing Clients etc. it seems all I do at the moment is sit on a train for an hour (or more if I time it wrong which I usually do), eat (if I can be bothered), sleep for 6 hours and am back on the 6.46 train. I’m no spring chicken anymore and the old body is letting me know how it feels! The new pad is beautiful, all mod cons, right in the heart of London town, it is stunning. Very exciting but also very scary if I think about the tight deadline I am up against to complete. All needs to be done by the 31st March, or it costs me more. A lot more. So fingers crossed for me! Maybe asking for food parcels for a few weeks……

As for the internet dating- well last attempt stood me up, so I think I’ll just concentrate on my property stuff for a little while… Watch out Men of Whitstable here I come!!! 

Off to pack some more boxes, clean some more & take a trillion things back to B&Q. Is it just me who buys stuff without thinking & takes it all back a week later?! 

Take care & see you all soon!!! 

A xxxxx